How to increase speaker volume more than standard

While you can increase your phone’s volume by pressing the volume up key, There are a few ways to increase your phone’s speaker volume more than its already maximum.

The most simple ones which are physical being putting it in a bowl or making holes in a paper towel roll and putting your phone in it.
Which is pretty stupid in my opinion because it adds some echo and it sounds like the music is coming from a toilet bowl. In the software side of things, it’s more effective and doesn’t affect the hearing of the music.
Please notice that if you increase the volume way too much, you might hear some noise in the background which is not a big deal in my opinion.
The software methods are:

1) Speaker Boost app (link): The app is plain simple and does NOT require root; you just set the volume to 100% and increase the boost by 5% steps and see where it kind of distorts. The normal step which it distorts is the 40% step. As the description of the app says; It can practically destroy your phone\tablet’s speaker; We are talking speaker wires or coils burning or the speaker diaphragm torn and always sounding like it’s torn in half. But all of that won’t happen if you don’t raise it more than the point of distortion or the 40% step. I found the 20% step being the most effective and it makes no noise in the output. but this varies depending on your ears or your phone.
best configuration for phones

2)Dolby Atmos (link): If you really want the full power of your phone’s speaker; you should  install Dolby Atmos kernel with a recovery.
These kernels can really impact speaker’s loudness, quality and focus. All you have to do is to install the “Team Win Recovery Project” on your Android phone and flash the Dolby Atmos kernel to it. all the steps and cautions are provided in the xda-developers website . Just search your phone and get either Dolby Atmos or Viper4Andoid based on the support.
A real opportunity that Dolby Atmos gives you is the profiles which are for games, movies, music and voice and each one is enhanced for the name.
in dolby atmos app

3)Editing Frequencies: This is an option which is also available in the software above. You can edit it to increase the Bass which is pretty important for many of hip-hop songs today and really affects you experience. It’s commonly called “Equalizer” or “EQ”.

If you want to increase the treble sound, you have to increase the 2 bars from right which in action increases the total volume. If you want to increase the bass, you have to higher the first 2 bars( from left and it really impacts the bass. How an equalization board simplified is from left to right, it’s Bass to Treble:
equalizing table pattern



DISCLAIMER: Any damage done to your device is by yourself and I will not be responsible.

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